Sunday, August 26, 2007

Berry Licious Mary Ann Cake

I promise to post the recipe for this loveliness tomorrow, but until then I just couldn't resist showing off the cake I made this evening. I haven't baked anything in so long, and all the beautiful fruit at the market coupled with the fact that I found this awesome cake pan I'd never used inspired this creation. It's called a "Mary Ann" cake pan (don't ask me where that comes from), and what makes it so unique is the indentation it has all around the top/bottom--perfect to hold for all sorts of fillings when the cake is done and inverted. I made mine with a traditional golden pound cake and topped it with a mascarpone chantilly cream and of course the macerated berries. I was really happy with the way the mascarpone gave the whipped cream a bit more substance so it really held its shape. This cake was tasty. Tasty enough that it needs to go with me to work tomorrow so I'm not tempted to eat the rest of it.

Do you like the quenelle of whipped cream, powdered sugar and fresh mint accompaniments? Here's a pic of the unfinished cake so you can see what I mean about the pan:

I'm trying to get better at my food photography, but it's tough with a point and shoot digital.

Stay posted for the recipe!

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