Sunday, March 11, 2007


The first week of March and I was quite depressed to find that snow and ice were still accumulating on the ground last week. But this weekend the warm temperatures and sunshine finally broke through and the neighborhood was abuzz with adults, kids and pets everywhere. Peter and I headed out this morning (well, it was really this afterNOON given the spring forward time change) for a long walk to take in the fresh air and finally log some miles by foot around our new condo.

We headed straight down Addison towards Wrigley, then made our way south on Broadway. Having come over 2 miles and not eating before we departed, by that time we'd worked up a pretty mighty appetite. Luckily this stretch of Broadway in the Lakeview/Wrigleyville/Boystown area is chock full of restaurants, cafes, grocery stores and other food options. After window shopping several restaurant menus we settled on Adesso, a tiny spot that lured us with its compact yet yummy-looking menu of pancakes and egg dishes. This small spot can't have more than 20 tables, and we were lucky enough to score one right in the window so we could easily people watch and comment on passersby (one of our favorite pastimes).

The menu was small, but Peter is convinced (and I agree) that a small menu means each item is going to be better because it gets more attention from the chefs. There are several egg dish options, each with a twist from the ordinary. Eggs Benedict is served on polenta, eggs are poached in marinara sauce, and the eggs and bacon comes topped with pea puree. Peter chose the Eggs Romana (the one topped with pea puree) and I opted for the more traditional Adesso Salmone, described as a plate with smoked salmon and its traditional accoutrements like capers and egg. Our coffee was good and strong and gave us just the extra jolt we needed to feel more awake as we waited for our food.

We only had time to comment on a half dozen or so dogs and their owners strolling by before our food arrived. Peter's plate looked fantastic: two large pieces of toast covered with thick, wide strips of bacon, over easy eggs, topped with that green pea puree we'd been so curious about, and accompanied by a creamy potato gratin. My plate was lovely, but not quite the portion size my empty stomach was hoping for. Neatly arranged around the perimeter of my plate I had six perfectly cut piece of very thin toast (no crusts), red onion marmalade, grated egg yolk, grated egg white, capers, and mascarpone cream cheese. In the center of the plate was a small pile of strips of smoked salmon. Both our meals were delicious, even if I would've been more satisfied with a slightly larger amount of everything on my plate. I proceeded to make appetizer bites of all the elements on my plate, being careful to divide each one as equally as possible so as not to be left with toast and nary a caper in sight.

All in all, this was a great little brunch spot that allowed us to eat a great meal for a very reasonable price and still have plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine. I'd love to come back for dinner sometime soon to see what other offerings are on the menu.


The damage: about $25 total, including tip, which we considered a steal.

Food: 3 of 5 forks - good (not great), with some nice menu items to make it unique and memorable.

Romance: 3 out 5 kisses - It was daytime and a bit loud, though I can imagine this place would be pretty romantic during the evening

Watch out for: some of the tables can be a bit close to one another, especially the two-tops

3332 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL
(773) 868-1516

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