Thursday, March 01, 2007

Angie's Best of Cincinnati

I learned that it's the time of year for Citybeat voting so I'm going to offer up my favorites here. Hopefully Peter will weigh in with his choices in the next few days.

Best Overall Restaurant: Boca
Best New Restaurant: Nectar
Best First Date Restaurant: Boca
Best Restaurant with a View: The Charthouse
Best Restaurant with Live Music: Allyn's
Best Asian (Not Chinese): Lemongrass
Best Bagels: Marx
Best Bakery: The Bonbonerie
Best Barbeque: Walt's
Best Breakfast: The Echo
Best Burgers: Zip's
Best Burritos/Wraps: Chipotle
Best Business Lunch: Jean-Ro Bistro
Best Cheap Eats: Arthur's
Best Chef: Jean Robert de Cavel
Best Chili (Chain): Skyline
Best Chili (Non-Chain): JK's in Madeira
Best Chinese: Szechuan Wok in Silverton
Best Coffeehouse: Awakenings
Best Deli: Dilly Deli
Best Desserts: The Bonbonerie
Best Italian: Nicola's
Best Mexican: El Coyote
Best Outdoor Dining: Ferrari's
Best Pizza (chain): LaRosa's
Best Pizza (non-chain): Dewey's
Best Salads: First Watch
Best Sandwiches: Dilly Deli
Best Seafood: Trio
Best Steaks: The Precinct
Best Sunday Brunch: Teller's
Best Sushi: Beluga
Best Takeout: Bangkok Bistro
Best Waitstaff: Kenwood Skyline
Best Wings: I don't eat them

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Laura said...

excuse me-KENWOOD skyline?