Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another Cincinnati Restaurant Blog!

Wow! I was pleasantly surprised this morning to discover that there's another Cincy restaurant blog on the scene. While I could view this as competition, and had previously prided myself on maintaining the only blog dedicated to this topic, I'm actually glad that the city's dining is growing enough for two blogs. I'm even happier that this blog links to ours and have returned the favor!

So, David Moriarty, I'm going to rely on you to help keep me posted on the restaurant scene there between visits back home. I don't necessarily agree with your assessment of Aqua, but hands down agree that the best pizza in town can be found at Dewey's. My favorite is the Edgar Allen Poe, which I always have to get on just half so Peter can steer clear of the olives he so detests.



David Moriarty said...

Hey Peter and Angie,

Thanks for the shoutout to my blog. I just added a link to this posting on the Cincinnati Restaurant Review blog. Check it out and you'll see that I was really excited to see that you've found my blog. I hope you don't mind that I added you to my blog roll without checking with you. I really enjoy Read It and Eat, keep up the good work.

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